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Speaking Topics

  • Oil Market outlook: 2020 and Beyond
  • Crude Quality Matters: Are we heading for a crisis?

  • The Impact of IMO 2020 on Global Energy markets

  • Natural Gas Market Outlook: It Is all about Exports
  • Disruptive Technologies and the Future of Energy Markets
  • Will Electric & Autonomous Vehicles & Ride Sharing Reduce Oil Demand? Are we Forgetting Something?
  • The Impact of Brexit on the Oil and Gas Industries
  • Pipelines Everywhere, but not in the Middle East
  • The Impact of the Shale Revolution on OPEC and World oil & Gas Markets
  • OPEC-on-OPEC Competition, Saudi Arabia & the Role of U.S. Shale
  • Balancing the Oil Market: Economics vs. Politics
  • The Impact of Exchange Rates on the Global Oil Markets: The Misunderstood Story
  • Demystifying Energy Security: Concepts and Measurements
  • Oil Geopolitics: The Role of Sanctions, Occupations, & Petrodollars
  • The US, Iraq, and Iran: Myths vs Reality